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How to learn human right in easy way

Amnesty International Launches online human rights training simulator — Human Rights Workout

If you want to work in international organizations that specialize in protecting human rights, then you definitely need to know the rights of human. It can be such organizations like Amnesty International, UN, CARE, Oxfam International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross or Plan International. [But we believe that everyone should know them, not only human right defenders].

How to learn human right in easy way: online educational platform

To simplify the process of understanding and learning complex human rights Amnesty International together with the HUMANA Distance Learning Center launched an online educational platform on human rights based on real cases. It was on May 15, 2019.

There you will be able to learn human rights interactively, instead of reading ton of obscure regulations (although they should also be read). Submit a notification of a peaceful meeting, chat with an official bot and choose tactics in case of refusal — all this can be done with the help of the online simulator Human Rights Workout.This course enables you to explain how human rights relate to your own life and equips you to take action for human rights.
Duration of course: 90 minutes, self-paced (you decide your own schedule)

“After Human Rights Workout you will feel confident to explain what human rights are and have the knowledge and skills to defend and promote human rights”, — say in Amnesty International.

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Knowledge of human rights will increase your chances to be hired in NGO, we say to you — the team of The more you know about human right, the more you could bring to Human Rights’ organizations, think in one way and achieve big positive results together.

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How to learn human right in easy way: videos

UN Human Rights has a YouTube channel. Learn about the latest developments in the field of human rights protection by watching simple tutorial videos.

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