Back ​Nationality and Residency Requirements for UN and UNDP staff


The United Nations does not recognizes more than one nationality for each staff member. The applicant, whether external to UNDP or already a UNDP staff member, must disclose all the nationalities he or she has acquired, even if only one nationality is recognized by the UN Common System for the purpose of the Staff Regulations and Rules.

Residency Requirements

Depending on the duty station and category of post, certain specific residency requirements may be applicable before an offer of appointment is made. For non-United States citizens who have permanent resident status in the United States please refer to STAI/2000/13.

Nationality of General Service and National Officer Staff

In accordance with the General Service (GS) and National Officer (NO) categories are subject to local recruitment. GS posts shall be filled, as far as possible, by persons recruited within the country and residing within commuting distance of each office. National Officers must be of the nationality of the country where the office concerned is located. In the case of dual nationality the UN will recognize the nationality of the country where the office is located.

Special provisions may be applicable for locally recruited GS staff in countries where non-nationals who are residents of the duty station have been accorded legal working status by the host government.

Vacancies for GS positions located in New York/Washington D.C. Headquarters are open to the following:

a) staff members currently serving in the United States holding a valid G4 visa on account of their employment in the US (excluding detail assignments) under a FTA/CA/PA in the UN system;

b) US Citizen;

c) US Permanent Residents;

d) holder of a G4 visa that is a derivative of a G4 visa held by a staff member that is currently serving on a G4 visa on account of their employment under a FTA/CA/PA in the UN system;

Current UNDP GS staff serving outside of HQ must meet the eligibility criteria stated above prior to their application. Selected candidates to locally recruited positions are responsible for their own travel and/or relocation costs.

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Special provisions may be established for locally recruited GS and NO staff where the UNDP programme operates outside of the host country.

Nationals Serving in their Home Countries on International Professional Posts

Bearing in mind the principle of diversity and geographical representation as one of the corporate considerations for selection decisions, the following provisions apply to nationals serving in their home countries on international professional posts.

Nationals of programme countries cannot be recruited or assigned to international professional posts in UNDP Country Offices in their home countries. This prohibition neither extends to Regional Centres, Liaison Offices, Policy Centres, other

Global Centers, nor to Headquarters duty stations. It also does not apply to the deployment of international staff on surge missions in their home countries.