Back ​10 universal rules for career success in NGO

How to succeed? What habits and skills will lead you to the desired dream?

Let's talk about it today. These 10 rules are universal and will help you to achieve goals, correctly set the accents and priorities. So, let’s start!

- Set big goals

It's easier to get into large goal. Dream about the great, then build a path, in small steps go to a big dream. In any field of activity it is possible to acquire a national or even a global scale. Do not limit your goals. There will be no more hours in the day, but priorities of tasks and motivation will change. A lot of people dream to get P position in the United Nations. They spent really years tried to pass tests and interviews. Never give up! I knew a lot of examples that people after 2,3,4 yeras get their place in UN roaster and after get a position in the UN. Would you like to human rights officer but you do not have special education? Find scholarship not in the super top univercity and you will get it in one year. Also there are a lot of online trainings and courses in thuman rights area, try them!

- It is better to regret what was done badly than not done at all

The first step is always the hardest, the first shot is past. Learn from the mistakes. Do what is planned right now. Do not be afraid to apply for a vacancy if you meet the requirements. We publish a lot of articles how to improve your chances to get job in the UN, UNDP, UNICEF or other NGOs.

- Invest in yourself

Do not spare money for your education, travel and networking. The crisis is inevitable in any sphere — in business, in life: if today you are a king, tomorrow someone else can become one. Companies are ruined, and open again. Only experience, knowledge and skills will always be with you. So if you have spare time visit our partners and check onile courses in Human Rights, Rule of Law. It will improve your knoledge and looks great in your CV. It is never to late to get second Master degree.

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- Pay attention to your appearance

Look how you would like to look in the future. You will be surprised how even your own attitude towards yourself will change. Do not spare money for yourself, but without fanaticism and excess. Nowadays, people are judged by appearance, then — their inner qualities. The dress code is still important. Think how to dress properly, in accordance with the specifics of the company.

- Do the most difficult things before lunch.

Leaving important business for the second half of the day means, most likely, leaving it for tomorrow. And then the day after tomorrow. But the lost time — is lost money, or unearned.

- Your environment is 50% of your success

Simple advice: make a list of desired contacts (Top-20, for example). The same as, for example, the list of cases, but with names, terms, possible way of realization of acquaintance and resources. You will notice how easy it is to meet anyone.

- Focus on the important thing.

Do not waste time on unimportant tasks. Focusing is an optical sight on a sniper rifle. Be patient and do as much as possible what will lead you to the goal. Write a list of your tasks for tomorrow: how many of them will lead to the desired result? Delegate what you can, remove the excess and leave the main thing. Do it every day.

- Think slowly — decide quickly.

From idea to the beginning of its realization should pass no more than 48 hours. But for these 2 days, evaluate the quality of the idea itself. Trust your intuition and cold mind. Always weigh all the risks. And never postpone. Take action. If you postpone, then the idea of turning into a bunch of new risks and excuses. And then everything will be lost.

- Adhere to neutrality in politics, religion and sport.

It is one of the main rules of etiquette. Especially in international NGOs, United Nations, UNDP, UNICEF and others UN agencies you MUST be tolerant to the views and begaviour of other people. But why do so many people admit this stupid mistake?

- Anyway, be polite and tolerant.

Always and with everyone. This will be your best weapon in any situation. Remember how many times aggression, rudeness or intransigence spoiled everything. Remember — polite persistence is better than open arrogance. You are here to do your job as good as you can. There in no time for agression and rudenes.

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