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UN Mission Close Protection Officer FS-4

Multiple choice test

Question 1. To make sure your points are understood in an official email, you can:

Select one:

  • Write in a concise format using bulleted items
  • Copy supporting documents into the email

b.Use all capital letters to emphasize important items

c.Copy other recipients so that they can explain any unclear items

Question 2. In close protection the type of manager who works most directly with close protection officers and close protection drivers on daily basis is:

Select one:

  • The Team Leader
  • The Close Protection Coordinator

b.The Shift Leader

c.The Chief of Operations

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Question 3. Liaison and reconnaissance are the two activities that primarily contribute to effective:

Select one:

  • Information gathering
  • Capabilities of HG security forces
  • Contingency planning
  • Security management
    • Setting priorities
    • Developing work schedules
    • Using effective listening skills
    • Checking standards

Question 4. You are assigned to supervise a small team of 4 persons for the following 6 months. Which of the following activities of supervisors relates most directly to quality control?

Select one:

Question 5. Which of the following characteristics should a good close protection officer display?

Select one:

a. Undignified, Reliable, Physically Strong

b. Physically Strong, Dignified, Discreet

c. Reliable, Discreet, Honest, Tactful

d. Honest, Reliable, Undignified, Discreet

Question 6. What procedure is used to evaluate the work and accomplishment of an employee and provide feedback about how well that person is meeting expectations?

Select one:

a. Coaching

b. Performance review

c. Contingency plan

d. What -if analysis

Question 7. A broad overview of the security requirements for the operation including arrival/departure times movements, accommodations, office or event location and medical support are all part the:

Select one:

Question 8. What type of management communication occurs when you provide feedback, inform about work progress or seek approval from your Close Protection Shift Leader at the same professional level as yours (FS-4)?

Select one:

a. Lateral communication

b. Upward communication

c. Downwards communication

d. Horizontal communication

Question 9. The overall aim of Protective Services is to:

Select one:

a. Assist in meeting the needs of the person being protected (Protectee)

b. Preserve the life of the person being protected (Protectee)

c. Prevent or minimize the effect of a potential attack intended to cause harm of the person being protected (Protectee)

d. Minimize the effect and harm to the image of the organization

Question 10. The transmission range of a (n) is more limited than that of mobile of base station radios:

Select one:

a. Cellular phone

b. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio

c. 900-MHz radio

d. Portable radio

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