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Mastering the United Nations P11/PHP Form: Strategies to Maximize Your Job Application Success

The United Nations (UN) P11 form, also known as the Personal History Profile (PHP), is a crucial component of the job application process for those aspiring to join the UN's diverse workforce. This detailed form serves as your first introduction to hiring managers, outlining your professional background, skills, and achievements. With the competitive nature of UN positions, mastering the P11/PHP form is essential to standing out. This article provides comprehensive strategies to enhance your application and maximize success.

Understanding the P11/PHP Form

The P11/PHP form is designed to give UN recruiters a holistic view of an applicant's qualifications, competencies, and suitability for the role. Unlike a conventional CV or resume, the P11/PHP requires detailed information about your education, work experience, languages spoken, and UN-specific competencies.

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The P11/PHP form is an application form which is time-consuming and difficult to fill out. It is applied in all global international organizations, not only at the UN. It is impossible to fill in this form on the phone in a few minutes, so we would like to provide you with the knowledge of ways to do this correctly and offer some tips for this difficult task.

You probably figured out from the title of this article that filling out this form incorrectly could cause your salary would be at a lower level.

The P11/PHP form is being criticized by a great many people for quite some time now, as people believe it renders the process of applying for a job almost impossible. Even though this form has made changes to its content over the past few decades, it still remains stable and unchanged in its core facets.

In order to comprehend why there are so many questions about a candidate on this form, note that in large international organizations, salaries are influenced by the life situations in which candidates find themselves. Examples of these aspects might be the many UN languages the candidate speaks, their work experience, whether they have families with children, etc.

With this in mind, the UN manages the hiring process and determines more quickly from the data collected what the individual's working conditions will be in their organizations.

The main problem faced by candidates for jobs at the UN is that the hiring process itself can take between 100 and 200 days, and not only people's lives but also their aspirations can change dramatically in a different direction during this period.

To trace the path of change in the format of P11/PHP forms, let's note the following:

At the first stage, it was a form filled in manually by the candidate, later it became a document in Word format, which was filled in by copying the necessary information from the resume and pasting it into the document. Now this form is made digitally and is provided by the applicant together with the application for employment.

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Remember, failure to fill in the required fields of the form, most often marked with an asterisk, will result in your application being rejected.

Now we're going to review with you some basic tips in order to increase your odds of obtaining the desired position.

1. Relevance.

Your P11/PHP information must be accurate. It's also the same with regard to your cover letter - it should all be relevant and relate specifically to the job role you're seeking to fill. Also, your proper cover letter is a single page, no longer than that.

2. Potential

The cover letter goes beyond what your previous experience was like. It can show exactly how your work experience fits the job requirements, but it can also highlight your full potential. Take a close look at the way you compose it, and do it smartly and creatively.

3. Appropriate sample working experience

You should select from your entire stock of professional experience the one that is relevant to the job description of the new position. When a job is located in a certain place, strive to look for concrete situations in which you have worked in that exact country, region, or with similar responsibilities and conditions.

4. Clarity of language

Follow the precise wording of the vacancy announcement. Sometimes hiring managers may be unable to decipher the abbreviations you mention.

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Tips for Completing the P11/PHP Form

  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Begin by thoroughly reading the instructions. The UN values attention to detail, and accurately following the form's guidelines is the first test of this competency.
  • Be Comprehensive Yet Concise: While it's important to include all relevant information, clarity and conciseness are key. Use bullet points to describe your roles and achievements, focusing on your contributions and the impact of your work.
  • Highlight UN-Relevant Skills: Tailor your entries to highlight skills and experiences that align with the UN's values and the specific role you're applying for. This includes examples of teamwork, leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.
  • Quantify Achievements: Where possible, use numbers and data to quantify your achievements. This could include the scope of projects you've managed, budget sizes, or the impact of your work measured through key performance indicators.
  • Include Volunteer Work and Internships: The UN values diverse experiences, including volunteer work, internships, and community service. These experiences can demonstrate your commitment to the UN's values and mission.
  • Proofread and Review: Ensure your form is free from typos and grammatical errors. Consider asking a colleague or mentor to review it before submission.

Leveraging the P11/PHP Form for Job Application Success

  • Customize Your Application: Tailor your P11/PHP form for each application, emphasizing the skills and experiences most relevant to the job at hand. This demonstrates your understanding of the role and your unique fit for it.
  • Use Keywords: Incorporate keywords and phrases from the job description into your form. This can help your application pass initial screenings, especially if the UN uses automated systems to review applications.
  • Showcase Your International Perspective: The UN operates globally, so it's important to highlight your international experience or your ability to work in diverse cultural environments. This includes overseas work, language skills, and cross-cultural communication competencies.
  • Discuss Your Motivation: Use the section on languages and other skills to briefly discuss your motivation for applying to the UN and how your personal values align with its mission. This can make your application more compelling.

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