Back 5 non-obvious mistakes in job searching

 5 non-obvious mistakes in job searching

5 non-obvious but decisive and frequent mistakes in job searching, that make even professionals.

Albert Einstein once said: «Madness is to do the same thing, and each time expect a different result.» Today these words can be addressed to those candidates who have been looking for a job for months, but did not find it yet.

Today, we will define non-obvious mistakes that prevent you from finding a job even if you are professional.

There are applicants whose CVs are permanently posted on work sites. Some of them work, periodically change the employer, again and again place the resume. But they do not receive an offer, and the search for work turns into a long-term process.

What is the reason? Let’s define 5 typical mistakes that hinder the job search.

Emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion and extinct eyes are a difficult condition for the applicant. There is no moral and physical strength, but there are obligations — and the search for work is necessary, in this state it is very difficult.

The applicant, no matter how hard he tries to hide his fatigue during the interview, it is almost impossible. There is no shine in the eyes and energy is at a minimum — this state is evident even during a telephone conversation.

Solution: Of course, it is better not to allow this state. But if such a state has already come — ideally take the time to recover, at least two or three weeks and take a break, switch. With an extinguished look it is very difficult to sell yourself to the employer, a feeling of despair is transmitted.

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Poor self-presentation

Before the interview you need a clear understanding of what you want to tell about yourself. Often, applicants work a lot, perform a huge number of tasks, and as it comes to the interview — they can not present their experience.

Solution: train in advance. Write a short essay about your business experience — where you worked, what you learned, what your results are, what works best. It should not be boring retelling of a resume, but a living speech of a professional.

Also we recommend to refrain from some things:

  1. Detailed story of curious cases. In interviews, it is better to avoid words-parasites, interjections and unprofessional slang.
  1. It's not worth mentioning about your previous employer unflatteringly. It is better to regard the previous experience as something useful for your career.
  1. Try not to worry — it often spoils speech and the impression of you. Interviewing is just a business meeting, nothing fatal in a possible refusal is there.

Inconsistency of appearance and corporate culture

For some areas, tattoos or piercings can be a hindrance when you are hiring. If you are looking for work in the banking sector, then your appearance will play an important role during the interview. In banks there are internal provisions on the appearance, with which they are acquainted and sign when hiring.

Solution: it is important to understand in which area you want to work and what rules of the dress code are there. Of course, you do not have to completely change the style or remove tattoos, if you do not want it. Perhaps you just need to find another area or company where the corporate culture will accept you.

Compromising account in social networks

Recruiters and employers often analyze the accounts of candidates. This is a great way to understand how open a person is willing to talk about his personal life, what he likes, how he communicates online with other people. This information can become decisive for the employer.

Solution: monitor the content of your social networks. The most important thing is better not to publish anything compromising and incorrect. And it will be great if part of the content of your accounts is devoted to work issues — it shows your interest in the profession.

Frequent work shifts

Many employers pay great attention to the length of the work in one place. If an employee works in each company for no longer than three months — this can embarrass most employers. Then they knowingly assume that an employee may be stop his career on internship period.

Solution: think over in advance, how you will tell at interview about the reason of your impermanence in work. As we have already said, it is better to leave complaints about the employer with you. Better present your searches as a desire to find a comfortable company for development — and emphasize that you really want to stay in the new project for a long time.

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