Back 7 recommendations for young specialists or how to win over the first job.

You are very worried before entering the world of professionals. There is nothing more exciting and ... frightening. You are thinking about all kinds of situations that can happen and it seems to you that you know what to expect. But this is not so easy. There are always circumstances that will take you by surprise.

We have prepared 10 universal tips that will help you to stand on your first job, regardless of the industry in which you have to work and organization:

1. Everything will happen very fast.

As soon as you finish the paperwork and find yourself in a new team, everything will develop rapidly. You will be given tasks that need to be a) solved, b) solved in time. Make a plan how will you act in order to do everything, and firmly follow it.

2. You will have to decide a lot by yourself.

You are no longer an intern, when any of your steps are supervised by the boss. It's time to start doing everything by yourself. Make sure that doing everything you need on time. Ask as many questions as possible to be sure that you are on the right track. Be prepared that you will not be given as much attention as when you were an intern.

3. Your opinion is considered.

Show not only independence, but also creativity. You are waiting for new ideas and methods. Identify the problems and find the best solutions. Be active during brainstorming sessions. The fact that you are new person in the team does not mean that your opinion does not matter.

4. Devote time to studying.

Your first job is also training. Learning how to manage your time, manage to do the work on time, work in a team and much more. Therefore, if your company provides opportunities for professional development (special programs), be sure to use this. There is always something new that can be learned.

5. Answer the e-mail letters on time.

Depending on the student's experience, you may not be used to approach the support of correspondence responsibly. However, in the world of professionals it is necessary to respond to letters on time. Remember that everyone you deal with on working issues has tough deadlines. Therefore, reply to the letters within 24 hours of receipt. In fact, the earlier, the better.

6. Networking is as important as it was before getting a job.

Continue to make new contacts. Attend corporate events, activities related to your industry, learn more about your colleagues. New links are sure to come in handy in the future, regardless, whether it will be when you decide to change job, or when you will seek help for your project. You never know before, when and what kind of acquaintances will be useful.

7. Do something besides working in your spare time.

During your studies it was easy to participate in extracurricular activities, because you had a lot of free time. Now you have begun to live an adult life, so you need to make extra efforts to stay active. Join an association of graduates, professional organizations, volunteer projects or something else. Meet after work with colleagues - whether it's a bar or a gym. You will have to make efforts to develop your current social life. But these are the possibilities of new acquaintances and productive leisure.

Good luck in your personal development!