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All who give great value to the world, get what they deserve. The same principle is followed in the UN. UN workers around the world get a pretty good salary. Let's count and see who and how much earns and what determines the gradation of salaries in this world organization.

UN salaries depend on:

duty station — country\city, where you work in

The UN adjusts the cost of living: if the work is in Geneva (where the standard of living is quite high), they add money to your salary to compensate for it.

So, some P-3 positions can be placed for $ 60,000 per year (for instance), but since it is located in New York and New York is an expensive city, there is a «Post Adjustment» of $ 20,000. Thus, you are paid 80,000 dollars, while the same job in Addis Ababa will pay 60,000 dollars.

Your position grade (P, G, D-level) and step (P-1, P-2 …). Within each of these categories, fixed salary ranges are established, which are subdivided into a level. For example, G-1 is the lowest G category, and G-7 or G-8 is the highest. Accordingly, it is paid better.

Gradation depends on the steps as well. But the differences may be distorted since G employees work at a local rate. Thus, the difference between G and P can vary from country to country.

Your work experience. The more experienced, the higher positions you can take. Of course, executive positions earn more (senior positions).

The number of years in the UN system and many other details.

How can you calculate your remuneration for working with UNDP?

There is a fairly simple calculator, an official and proven — Salary Calculator. The information here is updated every month.

You enter appointment details — contract type, grade, step, duty station, your marital status, number of assignments, number of years in the UN system, and so on. This salary estimation tool will calculate your salary and allowances, insurance, monthly earnings, and deductions.

We advise you to use this service.

Please, note that Post Adjustment, Settling-in Grant, Mobility and Hardship allowance, etc. are subject to frequent changes and may not be shown accurately.

G-level salaries

G-Staff is general staff and is local hire (e.g. not a UN professional, but locally hired).

Click here to browse current salary scales for G-level staff (by duty station).

P-level salaries

P-Staff are the professional staff and recruited internationally for specific posts.

Click here for the current salary scale for Professional staff (P-level) and higher categories (posted by UN on 1 January 2019).

D-level salaries

D-Staff are directors and similar to P-Staff are internationally recruited.

Click here for the current salary scale for staff in the Field Service category.

All info by the UN you can browse here —

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United Nations Secretariat Estimations of Salary, Allowances and Benefits

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