Back The Most Important Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

You will devote about 80,000 hours to work, so choosing a profession is one of the most important decisions in your life.

- Whom I want to become? Here is one of the most important questions that you need to answer honestly to yourself and constantly analyze your wishes and skills.

If you have not thought well about this issue and haven’t conducted your personal internal analysis, then most likely after a few months or years of unloved work you will have other questions:

  • Is this work - my life mission?
  • I do not enjoy the work - what to do?

This article will be useful to anyone who:

- only chooses his career path

- studies at university (anywhere), but not sure that he made the right choice

- tried yourself in different areas, but didn’t decide which of them choose

In this article you will learn how to find a professional way that will bring pleasure, will help to be realized and at the same time will help solve the most pressing global problems of mankind.

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3 main factors, that should not be missed when choosing a job

In order to make the choice of future work as conscious as possible, you need to thoroughly analyze three main factors:

Want. This is what your interests, desires and needs attract you to;

Can. These are your abilities, as well as physical and psychological resources;

It is necessary. Demand in the labor market and demand for your current (or future) professional knowledge and skills.

As a result of such reflections (carried out independently or with the help of a specialist), you need to find the conditional intersection point of these three factors. This is where the professional field that is most suitable for you (profession, occupation, business) is located. This is a profession where you will be successful and implemented; this is the job that you will love and do with pleasure.

In order to “get into” just such a professional field, we urgently need to know two things about ourselves: what interests me most and how much I have the strength and ability to do this professionally. If we do not possess such information about ourselves, it will be extremely difficult to make an informed choice.

How to understand what you WANT

In order to choose the right profession, you need to know and understand your motives, needs and interests. Ideal work is one that fully corresponds to them; so, our needs and motives are completely satisfied and realized in it. But among the variety of our needs, motives, there is one that we need to pay close attention to in the first place. Of all, it is most important for the right professional choice. His name is INTEREST.

Why interest? Because when you do something that is really interesting:

  • you do not force yourself to do it;
  • you learn very quickly and effectively;
  • maximum performance;
  • creative approach;
  • you enjoy what you do.

Simple questions that lead you to what you are looking for.

To do this, try to answer for yourself the following questions:

  • What are you really interested in?
  • What do you do in life with passion and pleasure?
  • What activity inspires you?
  • And finally - What would you do, if you were spared the need to make money?

Understand that I CAN

Interest, enthusiasm and enthusiasm - this is, of course, very good, but what about the abilities and psychological resources? Do you have enough quality and quantity for you to be productive and successful in your chosen professional field? We have certain abilities and psychological resources necessary for successful work - this is the second factor that must be taken into account if we want to make the right and informed choice. Just interest and dedication, unfortunately, is sometimes not enough.

For example, if you want to become a professional politician or leader, you must be a pronounced extrovert - to be directed towards active interaction with the world and people. If the desire to actively interact with the world and people does not arise often, and you do this only in cases of extreme necessity, it is likely that it will be hard for you to exert constant pressure on people and win your place in the sun in these areas.

Analyze yourself and decide who you want to be today. Why today? Because tomorrow you will learn new things and move in the right professional direction. Good luck! team

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