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  • Added Date: Thursday, 17 June 2021
  • Deadline Date: Sunday, 27 June 2021

Assignment: The Junior Research/Assessment Officer (JAO) will support REACH’s 2021 Multi-Sector Needs Assessment. Under the supervision of the REACH Senior Assessment Officer and REACH Research Manager, the REACH JAO is responsible for assisting in the management and implementation of REACH research projects in Lebanon including their preparation, implementation and follow-up. He/she will also support related logistics, partner coordination, reporting and finance requirements and will be required to provide input to the strategic development of REACH in Lebanon. The role is primarily research focused, with additional operational, translation, and coordination requirements.

In coordination with the REACH Senior Assessment Officer, design and implement REACH assessment strategy and methodology within Lebanon country-wide;

· Assist in development of strategy for remote data collection in inaccessible areas of Lebanon;

· Supporting the management of REACH assessment field staff to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of activities;

· Ensuring that assessment strategies are implemented in a structured and coherent manner in line with project and strategic objectives;

· Coordinate and ensure timely data collection, analysis and, in partnership with GIS team, mapping of datasets

· Ensure the writing of timely and accurate assessment reports and factsheets;

· Keep track of all projects and programmes assessment schedules and work with field staff to design and implement REACH assessment procedures;

· Supporting the development/revision of assessment / programme strategies, reports or new proposals;

· Liaising with programme staff of ACTED departments to ensure close coordination and information sharing is maintained, supporting Operations department by preparing necessary documentation;

· In coordination with REACH Senior Assessment Officer, external representation of REACH with Donors, Partners and the wider Aid Community through clusters and sectoral working groups;

· Act as operational focal point within the assessment team, liaising with field teams and enumerators, checking quality of data (including providing translation where needed), de-briefing with field teams

· Prepare trainings for field teams in Arabic, liaising with Lebanese counterparts to ensure accurate translation; ensuring all trainings are uploaded to REACH servers, following up on trainings with field teams and participants, providing one-on-one training remotely as required

· Quality check all Arabic translation, and provide support to operations assistant for sensitive/specialised translation work


1. REACH Assessment Management and Coordination

- Objective 1.1: Management of assessments process

The REACH JAO is responsible for supporting the design of the methodology and tools associated with each assessment, according to REACH requirements and principles. He/she will manage the planning, implementation, and follow-up of all REACH and projects specific assessment activities conducted in country. In operations in which REACH is a project component of a wider ACTED intervention, the REACH JAO is required to contribute to the preparation and follow up of the Project Management Framework and ensure that activities are properly coordinated and implemented as per the Project Cycle Management, in coordination with the REACH Senior Assessment Officer.

The REACH JAO shall manage logistics, financial, administration and HR processes directly related to REACH and liaise accordingly with the relevant ACTED counterpart. He/she is directly responsible for the implementation of proper ACTED FLAT procedures in REACH interventions.

- Objective 1.2: Implementation

The REACH JAO is responsible for contributing to the implementation of assessment projects, providing support to the development of assessment, database and GIS tools with the REACH team. This will specifically include, with the GIS/Data base team, designing of data collection tools (household surveys, focus groups, and more); development or review of databases; contributing to GIS data collection procedures and mapping thereof through ARC GIS and other ESRI products in particular; and analysis of spatial and other information to contribute to reports and the like. The primary role of the REACH JAO will be in enumerator and partner selection and liaison, preparation of training materials, provision of training and overseeing training implementation to high quality, liaison with enumerators and field teams throughout data collection, data quality checking and feeding back to Assessment teams, and preparation of any needed documentation for compliance purposes.

- Objective 1.3: Coordination

The REACH JAO shall provide technical support to the relevant ACTED department in terms of the preparation of new project proposals, development of programme strategies, implementation of project activities, and any other required REACH input to ACTED projects for added-value.

The REACH JAO will assist the Senior Assessment Officer in the timely and accurate preparation of narrative and financial reports related to REACH activities in country through close liaison with the Project Development and Finance departments.

The REACH Assessment Officer shall liaise with other REACH Officers in the region and throughout IMPACT Initiatives’ and ACTED’s networks to provide and receive support in the expansion of REACH globally.

2. REACH Reporting

  • Objective 2.1: Assessment Reporting

The REACH JAO is responsible for supporting the consolidation of all analyses and conclusions from each assessment into REACH products such as factsheets, reports and briefs using standard formats. He/she will liaise with Geneva and Regional GIS/Data base Specialists in order to represent data in interactive web map or static map format, as relevant.

The REACH JAO is responsible for supporting the designated timeline of reports to be submitted to project partners and donors. He/she must ensure the writing of timely and accurate assessment reports and factsheets, ensuring the quality and accuracy of technical information provided as well as the confidentiality and protection of collected information. He/she will ensure that assessment reports contribute to aid coordination and planning and add to the general base of field knowledge in the country for all organisations working in the areas.

  • Objective 2.2: Programmatic Reporting

He/she will also support in the drafting of narrative reports and contribute to the development of financial reports through regular budgetary follow-up, in coordination with the REACH Senior Assessment Officer.

The REACH JAO will also store, organize and disseminate assessments, project documents and best practices among ACTED and IPs.

3. REACH HR Management

· Objective 3.1: Staff Management

The REACH JAO is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day management of project and field staff both directly and remotely. The REACH JAO will help ensure that all field teams are comprehensively briefed on the objective, expected outputs and that the overall implementation strategy of any given activity is clearly understood. He/she will support in ensuring that project/field staff are given training and complete all the necessary documentation in line with program requirements set by REACH.

4. Representation

  • Objective 4.1: External Coordination

Representation of ACTED/REACH in cluster and multi-sector meetings/ technical working groups in country and follow up on technical issues identified in cluster meetings in other parts of the country. This specifically will include liaising with external partners to identify potential for data sets to be integrated into existing databases and mapped to support the coordination of the broader humanitarian community.

The REACH JAO will further represent REACH vis-a-vis current and potential donors and communicate relevant information to the REACH Senior Assessment Officer and Research Manager, ACTED Project Development Manager and Country Director. He/she will participate in inter-NGO meetings and those of UN agencies and any other relevant inter-governmental institutions at the national or provincial level.

More generally, the REACH JAO is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organisation, notably through the application of REACH and ACTED’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.


Academic Excellent academic qualifications, preferably including a Master degree in relevant discipline;

Research skills Proven experience with research methods. Excellent analytical skills – research question design, familiarity with research methods (and their appropriate usage), report writing, data visualisation

Software skills Proven knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, to include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Experience with InDesign an asset.

Years of work experience At least 1 years of relevant working experience. Experience in humanitarian settings highly desirable;

Experience in presentations, training and public speaking an asset;

Management skills Team management experience and skills highly desirable;

Communication/reporting skills Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting;

Multi-tasking skills Ability to multitask with tight deadlines;

Level of independence Proven ability to work independently;

Cross-cultural work environment Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;

Experience in geographical region Past experience in the region is desirable;

Language skills Fluency in English and Arabic essential, ability to translate documents between the two languages and check for quality errors

This vacancy is archived.

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