Reporting Line

The Finance Officer reports to the RET Operations Officer.

Budgeting and Cash Management

ยท Supervise programmesโ€™ budgets follow up using relevant reports to identify unexpected/expected implementation discrepancies and ensure that these are relayed to the OO rapidly;

ยท Ensure that there are enough funds available in the country mission to execute the programme activities by supervising the relevant reports and transactions (cash reconciliations, funds requests, etc.);

ยท Advise the OO on the overall relationship and transactions with the local financial institutions โ€“ banks;

ยท Monitor burn rates, and track expenditures against budgets and advise the OO on the budget follow-up and be responsible for the accurate expenditure of the budget;

ยท Oversee financial systems for the projects

ยท Ensure compliance with donor rules and regulations, and analyze budget expenditures and make recommendations to the team to ensure that program deliverables are met within budget.

Accounting and Reporting

ยท Ensure that the expenses incurred in execution of RETโ€™s projects are allocated to the relevant programme correctly and in line with the RET โ€™s Field Finance Manual. Also, ensure that any specific donor requirements are adhered to during the execution of the budget;

ยท Ensure there is written justification in case of incompatibility between RETโ€™s Manual and any other law or regulation. This should be supported with external documentation: copy of regulations, reputed third partiesโ€™ reports, etc.;

ยท Ensure proper accounting of all programmesโ€™ transactions using the relevant RET tools;

ยท Ensure proper preparation of financial reports, list of expenses, bank accounts reconciliations, petty cash reconciliations, etc. in accordance with RETโ€™s requirements and applicable tools;

ยท Submit monthly financial reports and send relevant SAGA reports and scanned supporting documents;

ยท Manage overall relationship with local reviewers/auditors and other relevant authorities;

ยท Ensure systematic filing/documentation of the office;

Monitoring of Local Partners

ยท Oversight of the performance of local partners, ensuring the effective and transparent use of funds;

ยท Closely monitor the expenditures and procurement processes of the local partners and ensure they are aligning with internal and donor regulations, including spot-checks of support documents; Provide training to the partner staff on finance and procurement issues.

ยท Supervise and support the partnerโ€™s team on the preparation of budgets, fund requests and follow up on the settlements of funds transferred;

Procurement Responsibilities

ยท Implement the RET procurement policy, procedures and practice (detailed in RET Procurement & Procedures Manual) in accordance with RET requirements and donor requirement where applicable. Take into consideration the local legislations and ensure that there is compliance as may be necessary;

ยท Implement appropriate control mechanism to ensure transparency and accountability in procurement and logistics of the partner organisations.

ยท Ensure effective dissemination of information and advice on questions related to procurement to the partner organisations.

ยท Ensure partnersโ€™ specifications of materials requested are complete, clear and accurate;

ยท Ensure partnersโ€™ bid documentation is complete and accurate. In collaboration with the Legal Officer (if applicable), prepare other procurement documents and follow up on the completion of the process;

ยท Ensure that there are no discrepancies between ordered and delivered goods or services;

ยท Provide all relevant documentation that enables the maintenance of an inventory (expendable and non-expendable equipment) database readily available for verification;

ยท Implement other measures to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse of project funds in all procurement and logistics functions;

Human Resources Management

ยท Assist in drafting employment contracts, end of contracts; arrange insurance/medical check-up for all employee;

ยท Supervise proper registration of employee attendance/ maintain leave record and balances for all employee;

ยท Supervise preparation of employee payroll and ensure it is accurate and paid on time;

ยท Participate in any recruitment process for RETโ€™s employees whenever required, advise and brief the OO on different types of contracting modalities, HR policies and benefits. Ensure that there is transparency in all recruitment;

ยท Coordinate with RETโ€™s lawyers and RETโ€™s OO on HR policies in accordance with local laws and general practices in their countries;


ยท Assist the Operations Officer (OO) and other Programme Officers in the drafting and development of project proposals and coordinate its preparation in accordance with RETโ€™s and the donorโ€™s requirements;

ยท Assist the OO with recruiting necessary personnel, keeping personnel files updated, and serve as a link between the employees and their benefits.

ยท Attend any meeting related to his/her areas of responsibility or delegate such attendance as may be appropriate;

ยท Provide recommendations to OO on financial, administrative or management procedures;

ยท Supervise the overall logistics, purchases, equipment procurement, IT services and maintenance;

ยท Advice RETโ€™s NC on any regulations that may have an impact on RETโ€™s

programmes and/or policies;

ยท Take necessary steps to ensure that all financial data is adequately and safely backed up;

ยท Perform any other related duties as required.

Expected skills and qualifications

ยท Master degree in Finance or related area

ยท 5+ years of solid experience in financial management and monitoring systems, preferably of agricultural development programs

ยท Professional fluency in spoken and written English; very strong Arabic skills writing and speaking skills are required. German language is an asset

ยท Excellent financial and analytical skills

ยท Solid experience in project planning and management cycles, and strong program design skills.

ยท Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting on programme financial performance

ยท Strong leadership skills and proven experience in staff management

ยท Familiarity with the aid system; proven experience in working with donor and governmental requirements;

ยท Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel, SAGA and Project Management software

Staff will be based in Beirut with possible travel to field locations.


This vacancy is archived.

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