In compliance with supply chain rules and procedures, support the related supply activities to facilitate UNHCR end to end processes resulting in a timely and quality delivery of goods and services to persons of concern. - Prepare plans for delivery of relief and other non-food items according to the operational needs and regularly update the information in UNHCR IT systems - Apply UNHCR's sourcing & procurement strategy when planning for purchase of important commodities and services. Update the information in UNHCR IT systems. Ensure timely customs clearance of consignments. - Maintain accurate and comprehensive records on supply activities and provide timely reports and updates both periodically and on request. - Evaluate purchase requisitions to ensure that specifications, delivery dates and all other requirements are in order. 2 - Draft and dispatch quotation requests and/or tenders, and assist in the evaluation of offers and draft bidtabulations, prepare proposals for award of contracts to the Committee on Contracts. - Prepare Purchase Orders and send confirmations, requests for inspection and other correspondence, and monitor the manufacture/transport of ordered goods to ensure timely delivery. - Provide guidance and advice on UNHCR procurement policies and procedures to support and assist requesting operations, HQ entities and others, as applicable. - Provide asset management reports, customised reports, and gathers information on all assets and provides in-depth reports periodically and when requested. - Monitor the quality and accuracy of supply chain related data in relevant business systems. Compile and analyse statistical information, identify trends and developments in supply chain related matters that will assist in decision making. - Disseminate and promote UNHCR's global policies, standards and guidance on supply chain management. In the Regional Bureaux: - Track the progress of specific operations and provide guidance that ensures timely implementation. - Assist in coaching and advising individuals as requested. - Track global Supply KPIs for the region and assist in devising regional ones, as required. - Monitor all periodic Supply exercises such as monthly reconciliations, quarterly physical inventory exercises, and year-end accounts closure procedures and ensure that they are implemented throughout the region and provide relevant reports to senior managers. - Assist country operations in MSRP management. - Support the analysis of country financial reports and work with the Country Operations Supply Team leaders to address red areas relating to Supply aspects of operations. - Support the country needs assessment plans and assist in combining them into regional procurement plans and monitor their timely implementation and changes based on operational needs. - Support the work of the Regional Contracts Committee (RCC) through e.g. compiling and checking documents for RCC meetings, taking minutes, communicating decisions. In the Country Operations: - Ensure local liaison with partners to effectively support the supply activities. - Manage storage of goods according to "best practices" and UNHCR rules and regulations. - Coordinate supply activities of UNHCR Partners and/or contractors performing supply related activities, and ensure that they understand and adhere to relevant UNHCR rules and procedures. - Implement effective asset and fleet management that regularly monitors the asset/fleet pool, saves cost and safeguards the investment of the organisation including receipt, inspection, registration & marking of new Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE), organisation of the physical verification of PPE, ensure that PPE agreements are properly issued and signed, and preparation of disposal forms and cases for the Asset Management Board, and organise the disposal of PPE according to Asset Management Board decisions. - Perform other related duties as required. Minimum Qualifications: Education & Professional Work Experience Years of Experience / Degree Level: 3 years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 2 years relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher Field(s) of Education Not applicable Certificates and/or Licenses: 3 ▪ Trade ▪ Business Administration ▪ Economics ▪ Marketing ▪ or a related field. Relevant Job Experience: Essential Not specified. Desirable ▪ UNHCR learning programmes (PLP). ▪ Knowledge of MSRP ▪ Other UN procurement and logistics training, such as IAPSO and UNPD. Functional Skills: ▪ IT-Computer Literacy ▪ IT-PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management ▪ SC-Supply Planning ▪ SC-Commercial experience (procurement, service agreements/contracts, RFP, tendering) ▪ SC-Customs clearance ▪ SC-Logistics ▪ SC-Warehouse Management ▪ SC-Asset Management ▪ SC-Fleet Management (Functional Skills marked with an asterisk* are essential) Language Requirements: ▪ Knowledge of English and/or UN working language of the duty station if not English Competency requirements: All jobs at UNHCR require six core competencies and may also require managerial competencies and/or crossfunctional competencies. The six core competencies are listed below. Core Competencies: Accountability Communication Organizational Awareness Teamwork & Collaboration Commitment to Continuous Learning Client & Result Orientation Managerial Competencies: Managing Resources Cross-Functional Competencies: Analytical Thinking Planning and Organizing Eligibility: Interested staff members should consult the Administrative Instruction on Recruitment and Assignment of Locally Recruited Staff (RALS, UNHCR/AI/2020/1/Rev.2). If you have questions regarding your eligibility, you may also contact the HR Unit. 4 In line with the RALS, the below category of candidates are eligible to apply for internally/externally advertised vacancies. Group 1 candidates: Group 1 comprises current GS staff members holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment who, at the date of the deadline for application, are serving in the country of the vacancy at the grade of the position or one grade below or above. However, current GS staff members holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment in the country of the vacancy who apply for a position two grades above their current position are considered as Group 2. Group 2 candidates: Group 2 comprises candidates from the below categories after completion of one cumulative or continuous year of service in the country of the vacancy. I. Currently employed locally recruited UNHCR staff members holding a Temporary Appointment up to a maximum of two grades above their current positions; II. Former locally recruited UNHCR staff members who held an indefinite or fixed-term appointment (within 2 years of separation for males and 5 years for females) up to a maximum of two grades above the last position at UNHCR; III. National United Nations Volunteers currently working for UNHCR; IV. National UNOPS and individual contractors currently working for UNHCR; V. Current GS staff members holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment applying to a position in the same category two grades above the staff member’s personal grade; VI. Current UNHCR staff members in the International Professional category holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment applying to a GS post; VII. Current UNHCR staff members in the NPO category holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment applying to a GS post; VIII. Current locally recruited female staff members from other UN system Organizations holding the equivalent of an indefinite or fixed-term appointment. External candidates: External candidates are candidates who are not in Group 1 or Group 2. They must meet the essential minimum requirements of the position and candidates not citizens of the country must comply with all eligibility requirements for employment in line with the prevailing legislative prerequisites in the country. Remuneration: A competitive compensation and benefits package is offered. For information on UN salaries, allowances and benefits, please visit the portal of the International Civil Service Commission at: http://icsc.un.or

This vacancy is archived.

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