Job Summary:

The Senior Biomedical Engineer is responsible for providing expert technical advice on developing the specification for equipment and infrastructure needs of the selected hospitals to capacitate them to use liquid medical oxygen (LOX). The incumbent will identify the technical assistance needs of the selected hospitals to install and maintain LOX equipment and infrastructure; identify the need and details of the LOX system sustainability plan for targeted hospitals; provide technical expertise and assistance to Global Fund/ MoH Procurement Unit, including quality assurance during PSA plant installation. The Senior Biomedical Engineer will do the above in consultation with MoH officials, MoH Biomedical Engineers, the existing national oxygen task force, and key stakeholders such as CHAI, PATH, and RTC.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a readiness assessment of the selected hospitals' needs with the supplier, Ministry of Health, and stakeholders in terms of specifications in piping, site suitability (safety and engineering suitability), and requirements for liquid oxygen tank installation.
  • Review and finalize the needs for infrastructure and equipment upgrades for select hospitals in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
  • Support Ministry of Health and Global Fund in Quality Assurance checks on the installation of PSA plants.
  • Support procurement process, appropriate installation of Liquid Oxygen System, and piping networks in prioritized wards to deliver medical oxygen to outlets at patients' beds.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Health to develop technical guidance and SOPs on supervision, maintenance, and monitoring of the LOX system.
  • Collaborate with government agencies and international partners to outline national regulatory processes for transportation and use of LOX in Malawi.
  • Facilitate training and capacity building of biomedical staff (Engineers and Technicians) to ensure sustainable maintenance of the LOX equipment, monitoring and safe delivery of oxygen, and facilitation of supervisory and mentorship visits to LOX infrastructure sites.
  • Facilitate training of Health Facility staff on safety precautions and daily operations of LOX system.
  • Coordinate the development of a sustainability plan for LOX supply, use, and maintenance.
  • Support facilities to develop LOX sustainability plans in collaboration with the MoH, and key stakeholders
  • Work closely with the facilities Medical Officer in charge and zonal Senior Biomedical Engineers to document and submit quarterly project success stories.
  • Contribute to all USAID reporting deliverables, including but not limited to quarterly reports, annual reports, and work plans.
  • Represent the project in relevant technical working groups with Government, stakeholders, and implementing partners as required.

    Education and Experience:

This vacancy is archived.

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