Role Overview

The Rewards Review aims to develop a new rewards framework for the whole MSF global workforce, enabling us to better meet operational needs. MSF's executive leadership (the Full ExCom) agreed on changes to create a rewards system that provides more equity, transparency, and consistency. This will better enable MSF to nurture an increasingly diverse workforce with the right balance of skills for today's operational needs and tomorrow's humanitarian challenges.

The Full ExCom also confirmed the responsibility of all members to implement collective decisions on the Rewards Review consistently. All entities must contribute to staff engagement, development, implementation planning, and communication to ensure this.

At MSF USA, the Engagement Specialist will be responsible for coordinating this work and acting as the focal point for Rewards Review. This will involve actively participating in working groups, developing surveys and other content such as the Global Grading Framework and Minimum Standards. During key decision-making moments for the project, the Engagement Specialist will engage with several stakeholders in MSF USA, including the Director of International HR, the Chief People Culture and Inclusion Officer, the Executive Director, and the Rewards Review project management team.

Department Accountabilities

Organizational Culture & Create a Safe Space

Set and drive transparent goals, targets and ADEI&B initiatives that yield the most significant, scalable, quantifiable, and sustained impact for a more human-centered, engaged, and productive workplace.; building a culture that fosters trust, collaboration high performance, respect, and belonging among diverse teams and peoples.

Performance Management & Talent Development-

Develop and implement policies and processes that provide an integrated, structured approach to individual development planning, performance goal setting, performance feedback, and formal appraisal to meet business needs and to support individuals in realizing their potential. The review is done one time per year after which decisions are taken on whether the employee's pay should be changed or increased.

Employee Engagement

Create a workplace culture that is engaging and motivating for employees. This involves creating opportunities for employees to connect with each other, providing professional development opportunities, and creating a positive work environment.

Compliance and HR Operations

Execute and manage P&C operations using predetermined protocols and procedures to achieve specified operational performance standards.

Compensation & Benefits Review

Designed and administered compensation and benefits packages for staff. This includes setting salaries, providing health insurance and other benefits, and managing payroll.

Talent Acquisitions

Fill permanent or temporary positions within an organization by attracting, shortlisting, selecting, hiring, appointing, and integrating the best-qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Payroll Administration

Carry out the payroll administration processes required to ensure that employees are paid correctly at the right time.

Roles Specific Outcomes

Communication and engagement:

  • Act as point of contact in MSF USA for staff and the Rewards Review team

  • Act as a reference point internally for colleagues for questions, information, and further engagement on the project

  • Support MSF USA leadership in ensuring proactive information sharing and engagement with staff within Office and International Mobile staff.

  • Liaise with colleagues participating in various platforms and working groups (e.g. Comp & Ben, Global Grading Framework) to ensure coherence and consistency in internal communication and decisions.

  • Support MSF USA leadership in the preparation for decision-making moments.

    Development of deliverables:

    • Develop a strategy to engage with our staff in a change management process in order to prepare for the Rewards Implementation in MSF USA.

    • Identify who in MSF USA can provide technical input and give feedback on specific areas such as Global Grading Framework, salary grids, benefits, etc.

      • Ensure a timely response to requests for information needed for development, data collection, surveys etc...

      • Coordinate thematic and technical input from various functional groups, technical groups, and subject-matter experts.

        Preparation and support for implementation:

          • Act as point of contact in MSF USA for preparation for implementation of changes, coordinating with stakeholders as needed, such as providing input to timelines, flagging constraints, risks, opportunities.

          • Facilitate internal discussions on resource allocation and planning.

              • Facilitate and support inclusion of necessary resources in the budget, in particular by supporting directors and managers to identify need for, anticipate and plan, necessary resources to implement changes, using their knowledge of the project and its planning.

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