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Terms of reference (ToR) for an Organizational Development Consultant

1. Background Information

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. CARE International aims to be a global force and a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.

CARE International in Rwanda is currently revising its Program Strategy and developing its business plan for 2022 to 2025.

The revised strategy will focus on ensuring sustainable and growing income to the poorest, security and peace of mind in times of crisis, and contribute in the national and global efforts to build climate friendly businesses. Partnership will remain the “Modus operandi” to achieve the program vision and goal. We will accelerate outreach through digitalization and will strengthen our capacity in M&E and advocacy and communications to drive the initiatives in ‘advisory’ advocacy, backed by compelling evidence-based facts.

As a country office (CO) we have the responsibility to support our staff, teams, and partners to do the best they can in their roles, with the resources they need - whilst giving each other the opportunity to develop. We also need to ensure that we are meeting the commitment of CARE, as a global organization, to position itself effectively in line with CARE 2030 vision, as well as the Rwanda National Strategy for Transformation.

To deliver the strategy, CARE International in Rwanda will need to ensure its strategy, structure, people, management processes are agile and aligned, and therefore is seeking the support of an organizational development consultant/consultancy firm to do so.

2. Purpose

The Organizational development consultant will conduct the organizational functional review, will design an appropriate organizational structure, develop a talent management strategy as well as an HR transition plan that enables the delivery of the strategy.

3. Scope of work

The scope of work will cover but not limited to the following:

i. Identify:

o Review key documents (e.g. Strategy, organigramme, job descriptions, performance management tools, talent management framework, HR manual) and engage in consultations with CARE senior management and staff. On this basis, provide a sequenced plan of actions, including the necessary preparatory work that must be completed prior to commencement.

o Understand the requirements of the operation given the nature of CARE’s operations and mandate

ii. Diagnose

o Assess the alignment of the current structure with the strategy

o Perform a functional review per department and gap analysis on job descriptions in terms of skills, positions, structure needed to deliver on the new strategy

iii. Design

o Design a target structure that constitutes optimal staffing levels and well defined roles;

o Propose positions and their respective job descriptions, responsibilities and skills set, levels of seniority that are aligned to CARE’s program strategy/plans;

o Carry out a needs assessment on senior staff whose roles / Job Profiles differ significantly ( > 25% ?)

o Suggest a capacity development and transition plan for those positions and people needing adjustments to deliver on the new strategy

o Adapt/ develop a tailored talent management strategy ( Performance Management system that is adapted to matrix structures; recruitment and retention strategy) that ensures that staff members are supported to identify and follow up on individual professional development objectives; assess and advise where additional investment in human resources would be required in the mid to long-term by assisting CARE management in planning Human resources needs and anticipating new issues.

o Design a HR transition plan which would lead from the current structure to the next, considering the forward looking strategy and legal implications and cost. The transition plan will be implemented between January 2022 to June 2023.

iv. Deliver and sustain:

o Train targeted staff on outputs of the consultancy

o Support management in workshops facilitation to present the output of the consultancy

o Prepare presentations and facilitate discussions with Management and staff when required.

NB: The consultant is expected to use any required methodology (group discussions, interviews, literature/desk review) to perform the above mentioned tasks in a participatory and inclusive way.

4. Expected Output/Deliverables

i. A HR transition plan leading from the current structure to the next including risks and opportunities;

ii. A refined and aligned organization chart ;

iii. Realigned job descriptions and specifications that clearly reflect the academic qualifications, experience, responsibilities, key performance areas and standards, competencies, supervision and reporting relationship;

iv. A talent management strategy that is tailored to the new way of working, partnership approach, matrix structure and the CARE Global GEDI strategy;

v. Training sessions to management on the new structure, ways of working together and relevant performance management support.

3. Key Relationships

The consultant will report to Country Director and work closely with the SMT. Other key stakeholders of this consultancy are:

  • The regional office: Regional Head of Program Support, Managing Deputy Regional Directors for the Great Lakes, Regional Director of Programme Quality, Regional HRBP

  • The Head Office (CARE USA Headquarters): Sector Technical Teams (WEJ, Climate Justice, …)

  • CARE International: CARE Member Partners

  • Country staff representatives and country team

  • CARE Rwanda Legal Advisor

4. Duration, Reporting, Location

The assignment is expected to require approximately 30 days, between October and December 2021. The work will be conducted in Kigali, Rwanda.

5. Key competencies and experience

· Essential

o Proven experience in change management in INGOs

o Excellent HR credentials at strategic level

o Understanding of the context of human resources in Rwanda/ECSA

o Strong business acumen

o Proven experience in designing OD strategies, capacity assessment, and capacity development plans development

o Proven experience conducting functional reviews

o Ability to work under strong pressure and strict deadlines

o Strong command of English, both spoken and written

o Strong facilitation skills

o Strong analytical skills

o Understanding of GEDI (Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and how it applies across the Program and support functions


o Previous experience with CARE

o Command of Kinyarwanda / French

This vacancy is archived.

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