1. Background

    The Ministry of Health and Social Services has over the years prioritized Infection Prevention and Control activities to ensure the provision of safe healthcare services. A number of documents to guide healthcare workers on proper IPC practices have been developed and training conducted. In addition, IPC focal persons have been identified in all 35 hospitals to ensure the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of key IPC activities including regular in-service training.

    A number of IPC guiding documents have been developed by the MHSS and were disseminated at the facility level and respective healthcare cadres were mandated to ensure their implementation. The documents include:

    • The National IPC guideline (1st edition developed in 2010 and revised in 2015)
    • Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) guideline (1st edition 2015)
    • Operation Theatre Manual (1st edition 2015)
    • Waste Management Policy (2010)
    • Waste Management Guidelines (2011)
    • IPC curriculum for healthcare workers (2010)

      In addition, the MHSS with support from WHO is in the process of finalising the Namibian National Strategic Plan for IPC which aims at having a healthcare system that is free from healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and other infections through coordinated IPC practices that promote safety for patients, healthcare personnel, and the community.

      In 2022, the MHSS launched and disseminated the National Quality Policy and Strategy to provide a common framework for all public and private healthcare institutions, partners and stakeholders to; plan, mobilize resources, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate the quality of healthcare services. Quality Standards for hospitals and Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities were also launched in 2022 to guide the key functions, activities, processes, and structures that are required to provide quality services.

      The IPC guiding documents are however all outdated and require revision so as to be aligned with the latest evidence-based recommendations from WHO and other relevant international leading bodies in IPC.

      1. Objectives of the Assignment

        The purpose of the assignment is to provide technical assistance and guidance to the MHSS in revising and developing the National IPC and CSSD guidelines, and the Operation Theatre Manual to ensure alignment with the national quality standards and the latest evidence-based recommendations.

        1. Scope of work

          The scope of work for the consultancy is as follows:  

          1. Conduct a desk review of existing documentation, literature, and reports related to the above guidelines that are to be revised
          2. Conduct a key stakeholder workshop
          3. Draft the revised National IPC and CSSD guidelines, and the Operation Theatre
          4. Conduct a validation workshop
          5. Consolidate and finalise the documents
          6. Handover the final three documents to the MHSS


            1. Deliverables

              The consultant will deliver the following deliverable:

              1. Completed desk review of existing literature, documentations and reports.
              2. Report of familiarization visit to certain facilities prior to stakeholders’ workshop.
              3. Report of consultation meeting with stakeholders and present recommendations for inclusion.
              4. Submission of final draft of the National IPC and CSSD guidelines, and the Operation Theatre Manual to the MHSS


                5. Profile of Candidate:

                  1. A minimum of a Master’s degree in public health or related health programme, with a higher qualification being an added advantage.
                  2. At least ten years’ experience.
                  3.  Experience in the areas of Quality of Care with particular focus in IPC, CSSD and OT
                  4. Proven experience Development of national guidelines
                  5. Knowledge and experience in the Namibia Health System
                  6. Very good command of written and spoken English.
                  7. Very good presentation and report writing skills.

                    6. Duration:

                    The consultancy will be for two consultants each for the period from 11 April -  11 June 2023.

                    The payment will be made in two instalments as follows:

                    • On signing the contract – 25%.
                    • Submission of the draft guidelines – 25%
                    • Presentation of final draft versions of the National IPC and CSSD guidelines, and the Operation Theatre Manual guidelines by 11 June 2023 - 50%


                      The consultant will jointly report to the Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Health Social Service through the Quality Assurance Division; and the WHO Representative through the IPC Focal Point in the WHO Country Office.


This vacancy is archived.

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