Back Monitoring, Evaluation, and Accountability Specialist

Habitat for Humanity International is seeking to hire an experienced and professional Specialist - Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability. Design and implement Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability strategies for the organization’s programs and projects, in coordinated work with the organization’s programmatic and technical areas, providing strategic analysis and advice, strengthening institutional capacities in the implementation of strategies, and developing a culture of learning and knowledge management.

Key Responsibilities:

* Designs and implements the Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability strategies of the programs and projects prioritized by the Area Office (OA) and the organizations of the HFH network and provides advice when appropriate.

* Lead the implementation and monitoring of the Complaint and Feedback Mechanism in the region.

* Oversees the evaluation system’s maintenance for the Area Office events (workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.), by creating evaluation questionnaires, application of events’ surveys, processing the corresponding information and generating the final reports.

* Designs and implements the research processes and case studies from the programs and projects prioritized by the OA and the organizations of the HFH network and provides advice when appropriate.

* Promotes a clear connection between Monitoring and Evaluation with Learning for efficient, pertinent data production that serves informed decision-making processes.

* Manages the analysis and synthesis of key issues, achievements and lessons learned from strategic initiatives of the organization.

* Contributes to global initiatives that promote the exchange of knowledge at a global level.

* Synthesizes and effectively communicates the results of monitoring, evaluation, and accountability with internal and external audiences, facilitating a learning culture.


* Bachelor’s degree in any of the social sciences careers and or statistic, preferably with a master’s degree in evaluation.

* 3 to 5 Years of Related Experience.

* Demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation of programs and/or projects.

* Experience in the design and implementation of complaint and feedback mechanisms with target populations.

* Bilingual Spanish/English, with very good oral and written communication.

* Knowledge of innovation methodologies.

* Capacities to balance innovative thinking with practical learning solutions and knowledge sharing.

* Knowledge of platforms and technologies for data collection, learning and collaboration.

* Skills for design and facilitation.

* Ability to work as an internal consultant, negotiate results and scope, and as part of different teams.

* Excellent Microsoft Office skills.

* Active support of HFHI Values:

- Humility – We are part of something bigger than ourselves

- Courage – We do what’s right, even when it is difficult or unpopular

- Accountability – We take personal responsibility for Habitat’s mission

- Safeguarding: HFHI requires that all employees take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work. Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.


* Master’s degree in evaluation.

This vacancy is archived.

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