The M&E Officer will work closely with the M&E Specialist to ensure timely completion and transmittal of routine project M&E data. S/he will assist with project research and pilot activities for the introduction of innovations including surveillance, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities to the project activities; and in the development and dissemination of tools, materials, reports, papers, and intervention linked research. The M&E officer will assist with implementing M&E systems and procedures as per the USAID guidelines. This includes data collection, analysis, and reporting on key output, outcome, and impact indicators for the program. Undertake activities to support reviews of program and/or country M&E systems and M&E system strengthening actions.


  • Conducts data collection and performs data entry, with preparation and sorting of collected information and identifying templates that need to be entered.

  • Ensures accuracy of entered data and ensures consistency and alignment with the existing data.

  • Assists in the review and verification of data generated ensuring that they are in line with the M&E reporting requirements.

  • Assists in the review of the results of data analysis to ensure that they are in line with the M&E framework.

  • Works closely with the M&E Specialist in project monitoring and reporting and to provide guidance and support to partners as needed.

  • Provides training to partners as needed in the use of special FHI 360 tools.

  • Participates in quality improvement plans which focus on M&E.

  • Provides support to M&E Specialist in the development and implementation of monitoring tools, which will include, but not be limited to, data collection, analysis and reporting on program indicators.

  • Supports the coordination and execution of activities such as organizing capacity building workshops for staff and partners, collecting and disseminating relevant information on monitoring, evaluation, and research.

  • Assists in the preparation of progress quarterly M&E reports and uploads all approved M&E relevant reports into the online systems as required.

  • Travels when needed to coordinate, monitor, and/or participate in related activities.

  • Assists with project research activities, such as translation and transcription, as needed.

  • Contributes to presentations in MS Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint formats.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned and agreed upon.


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