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Deadline for Applications: 20/07/2022 Organizational Unit:

Field Office, Division of External Operations, Registry Duty Station: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire Type of Appointment: Individual Contractor Post Number: Minimum Net Annual Salary: Payment is based on a daily rate (comparable to G-6 level) Contract Duration: Until 31/12/2022

Application Procedure

In order to apply for this opportunity, interested candidates will need to create a profile in the ICC eRecruitment system. All candidates will be informed of the results of their application by the end of the procedure.

Organisational Context

The Field Offices are the Registry’s permanent representation in situation country and serve as the staging ground for operations of the Court as a whole. They are a source of information for Headquarters in terms of national media, social-political and security developments, many of which influence the way the Court conducts operations and communicates with its external partners. Field Offices must develop and maintain relationships with key partners on the ground, including State bodies and agencies, international governmental organization, NGOs and civil society groups.

The Chief of Field Office, who represents the Registrar in the situation country, is responsible for both the staff and operations on the ground, including the provision of services to the other Organs, the parties and participants in the field. Field Offices are staffed by multidisciplinary teams (mainly integrated staff), reporting to a single manager - the Chief of Field Office - while maintaining an active link to Sections in Headquarters performing the corresponding substantive functions.

While the specific needs of each Field Office would vary depending on the situation country, the stage of the proceedings, the level of cooperation of the local authorities, the profile that the Court wishes to establish in the country, etc., in principle, the following functions should be represented in the multifunctional Field Office team: Outreach, Security, Victim participation and reparation support, Witness support, Judicial cooperation support (facilitating role), administration/operational support (including local ICT support), Administrative Assistants, Drivers, Security Guards and Cleaners. Some of the local administrative functions may be outsourced when appropriate.

Scope of Services

The Field IT Technician (Individual Contractor) primarily role is to perform the following duties duties:

This vacancy is archived.

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