Location: Kigutu, Burundi


Village Health Works (VHW) is a joint American-Burundian NGO based in Kigutu, Bururi Province whose mission is to provide quality, compassionate health care in a dignified environment while treating the root causes of illness, poverty, violence, and neglect in collaboration with those we serve. VHW’s approach integrates clinical services with education, food security, economic development, environmental protection, music and the arts.

Currently VHW operates a comprehensive health center with a 50 -bed low acuity inpatient service. Our inpatient service provides basic adult and pediatric care, treatment of malnutrition, minor surgery cases and a TB isolation ward. We have an average of 25-30 uncomplicated obstetrical deliveries per month. Our clinical care team includes generalist physicians under the supervision of our Medical Director and

17 nurses including a Nursing Supervisor. Our nurses come with a range of educational levels- from Diploma ( A3,A2) to University trained ( A1, A0). Nurses care for patients in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Our health team works collaboratively to ensure a high quality of care across the diverse patient population.

Village Health Works has embarked on an ambitious project to build a state of the art 150-Bed Hospital with 4 operating rooms that will be a foundation for educational, training and research programs. The facility will provide comprehensive medical care focusing on establishing surgical and obstetrical services in the region and developing the capacity to provide specialty clinical services not available in Burundi. Projected clinical opening for this facility is the summer of 2022. Integral to the success of this project will be our nursing staff, and its ability to deliver high-quality clinical care at the bedside while continuing to evolve and expand services.

Position Overview

As the leader of Village Health Works Department of Nursing, the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is the primary spokesperson for the facility's nursing staff and is tasked with coordinating all of the inpatient and outpatient nursing operations. The CNO will oversee a group of nurse managers who will have primary responsibility for OB/Peds, ED/Triage, Surgical Services, Medical and Outpatient Primary Care/Specialty Clinics. On the executive management team, the CNO is responsible for providing clinical and administrative leadership, advising senior management on best nursing practices, managing nursing budgets, planning new patient services, and conducting performance assessments. The ideal candidate ensures the delivery of outstanding care, consistent with the core mission of providing dignified and respectful care while maintaining efficient and cost-effective services.

At the outset, the new facility will focus on providing Emergency Obstetrical Care, Essential and Emergency Surgery, and Critical Care to adults and children. Therefore, the candidate must have a high degree of comfort and experience with general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, emergency conditions and critical care.

Liaises with: Chief Medical Officer, Chiefs of Clinical Services, Ancillary Service Chiefs (Including: Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering), Chief Financial Officer, Head of Information Technologies, and Head of Procurement.


● Bachelor of Science in Nursing

● 5 years nursing and leadership experience with emphasis on inpatient care

● Experience with nursing recruitment, training, and education

● Critical Care including neonatology experience preferred

● Experience with quality assurance and monitoring and evaluation frameworks

● Experience in resource poor settings

● Demonstrated Leadership qualities

Fluency in English is required and fluency in French is strongly preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities

Domain 1 – Clinical Care

  1. Acts as an expert resource in the clinical and regulatory area of practice to ensure care in the hospital and outpatient areas.

  2. Applies knowledge and directs the development of standards of care and practice to assure optimal patient outcomes

  3. Reviews patient care delivery model and clinical staffing needs.

  4. Facilitate engagement with clinicians when appropriate and necessary.

  5. Engage in continual and ongoing maintenance of skills and certifications

  6. Ensure timely documentation of care for all patients and review for quality.

  7. Work with IT and EMR team to facilitate accurate and timely documentation.

Domain 2 –Administrative

  1. Work with clinical leadership to achieve strategic goals.

  2. Engage with Financial team and Chief Medical Officer to create annual budget requests for financial resources needed for inpatient and outpatient clinical services

  3. Engage with finance and procurement for all nursing and midwifery related capital purchases. 4. Engage with finance and procurement to ensure consistent and reliable supply of essential consumable items.

  4. Manage within authorized budget and maintain ongoing process of identifying, evaluating and implementing overall cost effectiveness of the services provided.

  5. Educate Nurse Managers on financial implication of team/program operations.

  6. Engage with the Biomedical Engineering team to ensure functionality of necessary equipment.

  7. Provide reports to hospital administration as required.

Domain3- Clinical Staff Management

  1. Ensure the continual nursing coverage of all patients at all times.

  2. Regular review and evaluation of nursing staff including written evaluations and feedback sessions.

  3. Recruit and hire staff, as necessary.

  4. Develop and execute a strategic plan for delivering and expanding nursing services.

Domain 4 – Documentation

  1. Uses established channels of communication to share information, receive feedback and report problems.

2.Establish relationships to effectively communicate flow of information to others (program, regional, national).

3.Creates and promotes an environment which recognizes and values differences in staff, physicians, patients, and the communities we serve.

Domain 5 – Quality

  1. Articulates the organizations, department and program performance improvement program and goals.

  2. Develops, implements, and maintains quality monitoring processes.

3.Ensures regular morbidity and mortality review for nursing services.

4.Monitor indicators of quality for on a regular basis.

5.Supports Nurse Managers and assists with the development of quality plan.

Domain 6- Education

1.Provide appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) education experience for nursing staff.

2.Oversee clinical responsibilities and skills of staff, coordinating proactive training and education as necessary.

  1. Facilitate staff acquisition and maintenance of certifications.

Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.

This vacancy is archived.

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