• Support the development and packaging of print/web/audio-visual/multimedia materials in a variety of formats for donors, policy makers, farmers, consumers, processors, and marketers.
  • Provide communications support and documentation for all project activities.
  • Co-facilitate the dissemination of farmer-friendly information on HarvestPlus project activities through features writing, press releases, field days, radio, and television programs.
  • Organize and set-up exhibitions to promote biofortified crops at various forums.
  • Assist in producing unique photography and video coverage for HarvestPlus events/occasions.
  • Support the production of training videos, conducting informative interviews and testimonials aimed at promoting HarvestPlus interventions in Zimbabwe. Develop and design concepts, graphics, and layouts for HarvestPlus promotional materials (brochures, pamphlets, flyers, banners, etc.) 
  • Create and upload engaging social media content using graphics and illustrations to increase awareness and sensitization of stakeholders.
  • Monitor all social media conversations, mentions, and other activities and provide feedback to questions and comments.
  • Collect and share feedback from social media channels with HarvestPlus staff and relevant stakeholders.
  • Data capturing and information dissemination on EProd (Agric value chain management software) platform.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.



    • Diploma or bachelor's degree in digital marketing, mass communication, Journalism, Public Relations, or related field.

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