Since September 2017 a stable number of +/- 700 irregular migrants stay around in the Maximilian Park in Brussels. Most are waiting to cross to the UK. Although we are dealing with a moving population, the demographics of the people in Brussels stay more or less the same. Most of the people come from Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

These people need shelter, food, medical and psychological care. They also need to have access to objective information about asylum procedures and their rights.

Several Belgian NGOs and civil society actors have joined forces and provide a series of humanitarian services as part of a joint project, the humanitarian hub, which aims to respond comprehensively to the needs of migrants and refugees in transit. The hub offers medical care, mental health care, a family link search service, clothing distribution, social and legal assistance, as well as possibilities to recharge cell phones and telephone communications with the family. Within this humanitarian hub, Médecins Sans Frontières provides mental health care and actively participates in the management and coordination of the project.

MSF is present in the humanitarian hub in the field of mental health and psychological support due to a lack of structural response for the migrant population in transit who need sustained psychological care. A 2nd line service is also in place to provide psychological follow-up and increase our mental health care offer and meet the needs observed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought many changes to the current context and after being highly involved in this emergency response, the project continues to adapt to it.

The MSF team consists of 1 Project Coordinator, 1 Coordinator Assistant for the humanitarian Hub, , 1 Mental Health Activity Manager, 4 psychologists, 1 medical doctor, 1 psychiatrist (volunteer), 1 psychiatric nurse & 7 Cultural mediators including 1 Cultural mediator supervisor.


Provide psychiatric nursing care, mental health support and follow-up of patients, according to GP/psychiatrist’s prescriptions and the defined treatment plan, following MSF protocols and MSF hygiene standards/precautions, in order to ensure the quality and continuity of care for the targeted population.

Be in charge of psychological and/or medical emergencies (hospitalizations, crisis management, follow-ups after hospitalizations, references, contacts with hospitals and is the case manager of MSF patients) and of the psychiatric mapping in collaboration with the Mental Health Activity Manager and the GP.


· Organize and carry out care and treatments according to medical prescriptions, and assisting during psychiatric consultations, and other medical procedures.

· Participate in health education, evaluate, follow-up and reinforce the medication adherence.

· Ensure patients receive appropriate care and that those with lack of autonomy and/or medical needs received the support needed.

· Carry out admission, surveillance and follow-up of patients (i.e. assessment of the evolution of their state of health and the identification of any emergencies or deterioration of the patient).

· Organize hospitalizations or MEO if necessary, in collaboration with the medical team.

· Carry out and supervise administrative procedures and documents (fill in patient’s files, forms, consumptions, statistics, registers, etc.), ensuring an appropriate written/oral handover, and reporting any problematic situations and cases that may arise.

· Identify the most vulnerable people (including Sexual Violence victims and victims of torture) in outreach.

· Refer patients to other mental health professionals whenever necessary, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment and improve the patient's condition.

· Collaborate closely with medical, social and legal services in HUB and/or in MSF clinic, promoting a multidisciplinary approach.

· Collaborate with medical services of Fedasil or Red-cross centers and the social worker of the Hub for referring beneficiaries coming to the HUB to their services.

· Assist and train staff members and resourceful people whenever necessary in order to enhance the scope of Mental Health activities.

· Work in close collaboration with the cultural mediators in order to use appropriate terminology and behavior during sessions.

· Be the focal point for the HUB and the housing centers, meaning: give appointment to vulnerable beneficiaries according to the psychologists’ timetable in HUB (priority system), ensure the role of “back-up” at the Hub, taking care of urgent situations during open hours consultation.

· Acts as case manager for all MSF patients with the partners (receives the calls in case of difficulty met by them and guides them to solve the situation).

· Ensure that all patient information is kept confidential.

· Control of the consumption of prescribed drugs and ensure that medication prescribed by GP and psychiatrists matches the restrictions related to MSF standards (according the MSF recommendations) and be the focal person for communication with the partner pharmacy.

· Participate in the mapping of facilities for referral (SSM, psychiatric wards).

· Participate in the elaboration of the project strategy together with the Mental Health Activity Manager and the team.

· Participate in the redaction of working documents such as SOPs, SITREPs.



· Desirable: Recognized psychiatric nurse or community degree/diploma.

· Essential: Bachelor in Science of Nursing.


· Desirable: Previous experience in a psychiatric ward, ideally in Belgium.

· Demonstrated experience working in multidisciplinary team.

· Training in counseling or psychotherapy is an asset.


· Essential: English and French

· Arabic, Dutch and/or another language is an asset


· Works towards objectives, preserving established standards.

· Shares information and coordinates with the team and/or others.

· Adapts behavior to the needs of the situation.

· Demonstrates loyalty, awareness and respect for MSF’s values.

· Understands other people’s stress.

MSF is a civil society initiative that brings together individuals committed to the assistance of other human beings in crisis. As such MSF is by choice an association. Each individual working with MSF does it out of conviction and is ready to uphold the values and principles of MSF.


· Expected starting date: As soon as possible

· Contract type : 1-year contract - Full time - extendable

· Location: Brussels, Belgium (Humanitarian HUB, Project office, shelters)

· Salary package: Hospital Insurance (DKV) – Pension plan – 100% reimbursement of public transport costs

· A dynamic and stimulating work environment alongside multicultural colleagues.

  • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment
  • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments

Deadline for applications: 03/02/2022

This vacancy is archived.

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