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  • Added Date: Thursday, 18 March 2021
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 18 June 2021

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OSCE Presence in Albania

Vacancy number VNALBC00560 Vacancy type Experts/Consultants Number of posts 2 Duty station Tirana Date of issue 16 March 2021 Deadline for application 21 March 2021 - 23:59 Central European Time (CET/CEST) Background Roma and Egyptian communities are officially recognized as national minority groups in Albania since 2017 . All over the country Roma and Egyptian communities are exposed to difficult living conditions and suffer from low educational levels and discrimination. The mean age of Roma is 26 years old, 29 years old for the Egyptians and 35,5 years old for the Albanians. Regarding Roma and Egyptian electoral rights and political participation they are underrepresented in elected office and less active than other groups due to a number of factors. They suffer from lack of information and low awareness about political and electoral processes. These communities are more frequently targeted by illegal practices such as vote-buying and family voting. At times, effective voter participation is restricted by social isolation and cultural fragmentation including poverty, illiteracy, lack of identity documents, and language difficulties. ODIHR Election Observation Mission reports on Albanian elections recommend that efforts to ensure the effective participation of Roma and Egyptian community in public and political life, especially in elections, should be increased. The OSCE/ODIHR 2017 report recommends that the CEC and other stakeholders could organize further comprehensive in-person voter education programs tailored to the needs of the Roma and Egyptian national minorities. Furthermore the OSCE/ODIHR report on the 2019 local elections indicate these group of voters are vulnerable to vote-buying practices and persistently have voter-registration problems. In the 2013 Ministerial Council Decision 4/2013, the OSCE Participating States have committed to empower Roma and Sinti women, children and youth and enhance their participation in public life. To strengthen the electoral culture of Roma and Egyptian minority, and addressed topics including vote-buying, family voting and importance of women and youth's participation in elections, the OSCE Presence in Albania has delivered voter education campaigns for Roma in the eve of 2015 and 2019 local elections and 2017 parliamentary elections. The electoral reform concluded in 2020 has introduced numerous changes to the Electoral Code and other laws, also provided to the voters the possibility to cast a preferential vote also for the preferred candidate in addition to the political party. This novelty encompass new and a more complex way to cast the vote on the next parliamentary elections of 25 April. The information on the preferential vote, the information at the ballot paper will be added to the topics of the importance of the vote, the participation in election, the free casting of ballot paper. In order to follow-up on previous efforts and achievements, the Presence will enroll a voter education campaign for Roma and Egyptian youth ahead of 2021 parliamentary elections. The campaign will target Roma and Egyptian youth in three locations with high concentration of Roma and Egyptian population: Tirana, Durres, and Fier. Through the campaign the Presence seeks to inform on the changes to the Electoral Code, raise awareness among Roma and Egyptian youth on the importance of vote, the illegal practice of the vote-buying and family voting, giving them confidence to participate in the process, tools to go through the voting procedure and an encouragement to be more active in the political life of Albania. The Presence will hire two assistants, one assistant to support the expert in implementing the campaign with youth and the other assistant supporting the expert working with women. The activities will take place in full compliance with the restriction in force imposed by the Albanian Government as well as the OSCE protocol. Objective of the assignment Roma and Egyptian youth understanding of their electoral rights is improved and are better equipped to actively participate in the 2021 parliamentary elections. Tasks and Responsibilities Under the guidance of the overall supervision of the senior expert , the junior assistant will support the expert in the preparations for the delivery of the online and/or in-person voter education sessions of a duration of three hours each with participants from three locations with large Roma and Egyptian population (Tirana, Durres and Fier) for circa 70 Roma and Egyptian participants. The assistant will support the expert in dissemination of the awareness campaign in the social media and other online platforms. The assistant will support the expert prepare the content for the awareness campaign in the social media and other online platforms and will share notifications to encourage the participations in the online sessions. More specifically, the assistant is expected to: 1) Participate in online calls (within a week from the contracting for this assignment), organized by the Presence's point of contact to discuss with the expert on the support to be provided and the coordination for the campaign; 2) Support the preparation for the launching event/kick off meeting followed by the coordination of the online training of the junior assistants and volunteer's network; 3) Provide administrative and logistical support to the expert for the implementation of the voter education campaign, the online sessions of the "Election Info Days", the dissemination of the info on ID documents, the Voter list and Voting Center. 4) Provide administrative and logistical support to the expert for the organization of the in-person information sessions 5) Be willing to be video recorded or recorded as part of the content to raise the awareness of the Roma and Egyptian community and support the expert prepare podcast(s) and videocast. 6) Support the expert in disseminating the promotional items to the Roma and Egyptian women in three locations while conducting in-person activities, also disseminate online content designated for social media. 7) Support the expert to prepare for the wrap up meeting of the project by assisting in the preparation of the presentation of findings and manage the logistical details of the meeting. Location and equipment The assistant will support the election expert mainly online. The assistant will personally contribute by being video/recorded for the preparation of the podcasts and videocast raising awareness among Roma/Egyptians on election related issues. S/He will facilitate the distribution of the promotion materials to the community in compliance with the Covid-19 rules and protocols. All travel costs in the field as necessary for the duties described above will be reimbursed. Expected Outputs/Deliverables: 1) Under Task/Responsibilities No. 2 above participate in the launching event. 2) Under Task/Responsibilities No. 3 above being recorded for the educational spot to raise the awareness of the Roma and Egyptian community on 7 April 2021. 3) Under Task/Responsibilities No. 4 above being recorded and support the production of the podcast(s) and videocast(s) in Albanian and Romani language by 7 April 2021. 4) Under Task/Responsibilities No. 6 above in coordination with the expert support the distribution of the promotional items in Tirana, Durres and Fier by 22 April 2021; 5) Under Task/Responsibilities No. 7 above participate in the wrap up meeting. Necessary Qualifications:

  • Completed Bachelor degree or master's student. - Completed university degree in social sciences, law, political science or other related fields. Having participated in election training courses will be an advantage; - Previous experiences in a field related to the Presence's mandate, working with Roma and Egyptian issues, voter education and social inclusion will be an advantage; - Knowledge of Romani language will be an advantage; - Based on the project proposal, this program is oriented towards Roma and Egyptian applicants from Tirana, Durres and Fier region. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.


The payment for this consultancy will be in line with OSCE applicable rates.

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