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Job Purpose:

You will be responsible for delivering quality administrative and logistical support services to the Country Office staff, mastering all relevant administrative rules, guidelines and processes, and applying established systems and procedures. You will be expected to demonstrate strong client and results orientation in service of the country programme.

You would be responsible for:

a. Human Resource Management

1. Ensures administration and implementation of HR strategies and policies, adapts processes and procedures:

  • Ensure full compliance of HR recording and reporting systems with UN rules and regulations, UNFPA policies, procedures and strategies; effective implementation of the internal control framework, proper functioning of the HR management system.
  • Provide advice and information on corporate strategies, changes in rules and regulations, implementation of personnel rules, strategic use of contractual modalities, application of entitlements, change management processes.
  • Provide advice to staff on all aspects of UN/UNFPA personnel and administrative rules and regulations, and the ERP (Atlas)/ HR modules.
  • Liaise and provide technical and administrative support to the Country Office in the recruitment of staff, consultants and HR matters.
  • Develop and recommend improvement of HR Management process through SOPs

    2. Ensures effective administration of human resources:

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