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  • Added Date: Monday, 09 December 2019
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 04 January 2020


Horticulture Advisor/Kazakhstan Technical activities lead


USAID Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs in Central Asia project (CTJ) is a five year activity that contributes to USAIDโ€™s goal of enhanced regional cooperation and broad-based prosperity in the Central Asian Republics. By incentivizing firms in horticulture, transport and logistics and tourism to become more regionally competitive and by harmonizing cross-border trade, CTJ helps develop a more diverse and competitive private sector and generate export-driven growth. The Activity is being implemented in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The project life of CTJ is October 1 2016 to September 30 2021.

Position Overview

CTJ is seeking a full-time regional horticulture advisor and Kazakhstan technical project lead for its Almaty Office. The successful candidate will start their employment as soon as possible. Given the two years remaining of CTJ project life, the position will terminate on or before September 30, 2021.

Essential Duties

Under the direction of the Chief of party and the Market Systems Advisor, the Horticulture Advisor/Kazakhstan Technical Activities Lead is responsible for technical and operational management of regional horticulture support as well as any technical activities planned to be implemented in Kazakhstan, including developing year plans, budgeting of activities, performance monitoring and reporting.

To perform these functions, the Horticulture Advisor/Kazakhstan Technical Activities Lead will understand the principles and regulations established by the DAI and USAID for program and activity management, including the TAMIS System on planning, budgeting, performance-based activity design and evaluation.

General Technical Functions

As part of the technical team, the Horticulture Advisor/Kazakhstan Technical Activities Lead will actively participate in:

  1. Design activities within the framework of the regional horticulture and Kazakhstan country program strategy and resource allocations, including cost estimates and procurement plans.

  2. Draft documents required for activity approval (e.g. concept notes, scopes of work, estimate budgets, etc.).

  3. monitoring/documenting program performance management in accidence with approved Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

  4. Collaborate with all country directors and other technical staff on implementation of project/program activities; ensure coordination of activities across the five countries; ensuring effective regional coordination among Almaty-based head office and Country Teams.

  5. Provide substantial technical input to the COP and DCOP for the preparation of the annual Technical Work Plan, Annual Report and other program documents.

  6. Develop working relationships with key Central Asian stakeholders, most notably private sector actors, workforce development service providers, government officials, and representatives from USAIDโ€™s bilateral programs.

  7. Assist with Preparations for the Central Asia Trade Forum (CATF) and other regional events by communicating with potential stakeholders (e.g. donors, speakers, exhibitors, attendees) regarding their roles / responsibilities and providing COP and DCOP w/ status updates and guidance.

  8. Facilitate information sharing among country teams, and reinforce staff accountability and cohesiveness.

  9. Assists COP, DCOP and Market Systems Advisor with overall Activity implementation.

Horticulture Functions

  1. Work with CTJ Country Directors to prepare and implement country work plans to support horticulture production and marketing.

  2. Identify and develop effective partnerships with donor, government and non-government organizations to contribute to the funding and implementation of the country plan

  3. Identify suitable individuals/consulting firms, negotiate LOE and manage consultants to provide training and other services in order to implement the country horticulture plans.

  4. Coordinate activities and discuss plans with relevant USAID Agriculture Value Chain Activity staff in Uzbekistan.

  5. Establish and maintain a regional commuications platform (e..g Telegram or Whatโ€™s App group) for Small-to-medium horticultural producers and processors across the region.

  6. Work with the CTJ Environmental Advisor to ensure all USAID environmental clearances are achieved

  7. Work with the Global Cold Chain Alliance and the Market Systems Advisor and relevant CTJ staff to ensure coordination between cold chain and horticulture activities.

  8. Coordinate with the CTJ C5+1 Lead to select and conduct trade missions and particiapation in regional and international horticulture trade fairs. Ensure appropriate participant preparation and post-event follow-up and result collection.

  9. Work with GlobalGAP and other horticulture-related quality standard organizations to ensure appropriate awareness and, in certain cases, grower or processor certification.

  10. Continue to monitor grower interest in organic horticulture, work with UNDP in Kazakhstan on organic production and certification awareness.

  11. In particular, work under the direction of the CTJ Turkmenistan Country Director and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists to support the design and implementation of a detailed horticultural activity plan in Turkemenistan. The plan should specify the following:

o The locations and number of farmers to be trained

o Frequency of trainings

o Topics for training

o Organization of field visits and training on demonstration plots

o Procurement of tools and inputs to support farmers with production

Desired Qualifications

An ideal candidate for this assignment should have the following experience:

ยท Advanced academic degree in agronomy at Masterโ€™s level coupled with significant practical horticultural experience

ยท Experienced trainer with the ability to transfer theoretical and practical knowledge to other agronomists as well as farmers and others (e.g. laborers working on a farm)

ยท Practical experience designing and implementing horticultural projects

ยท Agronomic experience in Central Asia

ยท Fluency in Russian


Reporting: Horticulture Advisor/Kazakhstan Technical activities lead will report to the Chief of Party.

This vacancy is archived.

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