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  • Added Date: Monday, 11 March 2019
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 04 December 2019

Our Fair Trade artisan project, Huaywasi, is an exciting and ongoing project developed from our Women’s Empowerment program. Our seven female artisans work alongside Huaywasi staff and interns to develop new products, ensure artisans are paid fair wages, and of course, sell the products online or in person at fairs or markets in the U.S. Profits from Huaywasi filter back through the Women’s Empowerment program, with the future goal of making the women’s program 100% sustainable.

FIRST OFF, Is this placement for you?

• Do you speak at least basic to intermediate Spanish? (*We strongly prefer Fashion Design interns to have at least strong intermediate Spanish)

• Do you have experience in fashion design, business development, digital marketing, social media, or graphic design/photography?

• Are you passionate about fair wages and fair trade?

Did you answer YES to all of these questions? If so, keep reading!

The Details:

A Huaywasi program placement is considered a primary placement only, meaning the intern focuses on the responsibilities required for their duration of their time with Light and Leadership, however there may be a few hours here and there to spare if the intern is interested in helping with kids or teens.*

*Please note based on availability of all Huaywasi internships, you may have the opportunity to learn more about another part of the program and/or create a hybrid role that best serves the needs of artisans, the business, and your interests at that time.

Fashion Design Intern

As a fashion design intern, you should expect to…

  • Work directly with artisans to develop new products (design, sketching, locating materials, etc.)
  • Research new techniques (i.e. screen printing, natural dyeing) to teach artisans.
  • Assist in product pick up and inspection; maintain quality control standards on incoming products.
  • Manage orders (pedidos) and keep artisans and the Huaywasi team accountable for design timelines
  • Research and implement trends.
  • Develop size charts and patterns as needed.
  • Travel to markets to pick up materials for and/or with artisans.

Business Communications & Development Intern

As a business development intern, you should expect to…

  • Develop social media, marketing, and SEO strategies to increase followers and engagement
  • Platforms used include, but are not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp, Google AdWords, Shopify, and Hootsuite
  • Work with program director to establish a marketing timeline and content calendar
  • Manage the Huaywasi Shopify store, including tracking inventory and creating great user experiences through photo and text content
  • Research ways to bring more traffic to including, but not limited to, tracking of other fair trade and ethical brands
  • Managing relationships with influencers who resonate with our brand
  • Create meaningful blog posts with great SEO copywriting
  • Organize and prepare photoshoots with local models and photographers

Visual Arts Intern (Graphic Designer and/or Photographer)

As a visual arts intern, you should expect to…

  • Coordinating with the Business Development intern to design and create marketing campaigns through visual graphics that align with our content calendar
  • Organizing various photoshoot opportunities and editing pictures in Photoshop or similar software
  • Photographing still and line sheet pictures of our products as well as live action pictures with models
  • Photographing artisan portraits and artisans working on products

This vacancy is archived.

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