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  • Added Date: Thursday, 19 April 2018
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Volunteer Solutions Section (VSS) ensures provision of high quality volunteer service offering by UNV, including up to date volunteer modalities, key elements of volunteer management cycle, online volunteering, full-funding volunteer policies, systems and management tools. VSS works in close collaboration with UNV units in headquarters, the Regional Offices and Field Units to provide a wide range of specialized products and tools to support on-site and online volunteer mobilization, engagement and management.

UNV is seeking to develop a new service line of ‘volunteers for events’ (V4Events) to expand its offerings to partners organizing events, and generate volunteer opportunities in line with UNV’s strategic framework. Through V4Events, UNV also intends to promote volunteerism and people engagement and further support the UN System and governments.

Reporting to the Programme Specialist, Volunteer Solutions – Onsite, the Project Manager contributes to the development, operationalization, piloting and corporate roll out of the ‘V4Events’ service line.

In close collaboration with UNV Regional Offices, New York Office and the External Relations and Communications Section (ERCS), the Project Manager carries out market and demand analysis, builds and maintains relationships with main partners and effectively ensures event volunteer mobilization and deployment. In close collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology Section (ICTS), she/he supports the development of systems in support to the service line.


Service line development, operationalisation and roll out

  • Undertake market and demand analysis to identify niches for UNV offerings;
  • Define scope of the service line and menu of services to be offered by UNV;
  • Undertake the cost-benefit projection of the service line to ensure all implementation costs of UNV services and related costs are mapped, known and inform the cost recovery;
  • Support the development and adjustment of policies, systems, relevant tools and cost recovery mechanism in support to the service line;
  • Develop a corporate user-friendly service line implementation and management methodology, capitalizing on existing documentation and systematization of similar experiences within UNV;
  • Based on existent resource analysis, support the design, development and launch of an on-line multilingual platform for management of partner requests and event volunteers;
  • In close collaboration with UNV Regional Offices, New York Office and ERCS, develops an approach to the market, including service line’s marketing, communications and partnership development tools;
  • Support the effective integration of on-site and on-line volunteer solutions for events;  
  • In close collaboration with the Volunteer Services Centre, build a pool of readily deployable event volunteers and UN Volunteers team leaders for event management;
  • In close collaboration with the UNV Regional Offices, identify opportunities and present UNV’s value proposition and volunteer modalities to maximize volunteer deployment;
  • Analyze reporting needs and reporting scope of the service;
  • Support internal roll-out of the service line.

Implementation of the pilot project “V4Events”

  • In close collaboration and coordination with UNV Regional Offices, identify up to five events to become pilot projects for service line implementation;
  • Participate in the development, production and delivery of projects from proposal to delivery;
  • Support negotiation with partners for UNV service offerings for pilot projects;
  • Support high quality and timely UNV service provision in the framework of the pilot events: volunteer identification, recruitment, deployment, training, motivation, management and recognition;
  • Sets, communicate and maintain timelines and priorities on every project;
  • Prepare and maintain the project budget;
  • Perform operational and administrative functions to ensure that projects are delivered efficiently;
  • Test and review service line implementation and management, including methodology, policies, systems, tools and cost recovery mechanism; and document lessons learnt.
  • Include existing UN Volunteer modalities in support of V4Events (i.e. on-line volunteers, regular and youth volunteers), as well as vulnerable groups such as refugees and people with disabilities;
  • In close collaboration with the on-line volunteers’ pillar within UNV, build teams of trained on-line volunteers on standby available to provide at-distance training to event volunteers and marketing services;
  • Produce improvements-oriented reports on the implementation of pilot events.

Knowledge management

  • Keep abreast of events management industry developments and updates;
  • Innovate and promote innovation in the development and piloting of the service line;
  • Analyse available reports and documentation of past UNV experience with volunteers for events;
  • Document lessons learnt and recommendations during the pilots’ implementation to allow continuous refinement and improvement of the service line;
  • Disseminate knowledge within UNV as appropriate;
  • Provide UNV Regional Offices and UNV Field Units with the necessary information and tools to offer the service line to partners and clients and to oversee implementation of the services.

Core Competencies


  • Ability to make new and useful ideas work


  • Ability to persuade others to follow

People Management

  • Ability to improve performance and satisfaction


  • Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform


  • Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement

Functional Competencies

Project Management

  • Ability to plan, organize, motivate, and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals

Quality Assurance

  • Ability to perform administrative and procedural activities to ensure that quality requirements and goals are fulfilled

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Knowledge of methodologies, assessment tools, systems and apply practical experience in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting and ability to apply to practical situations

Relationship Management

  • Ability to engage and foster strategic partnerships with other parties, inter-agency coordination and forge productive working relationships

Results-based Management

  • Ability to manage programmes and projects with a strategy aimed at improved performance and demonstrable results

Knowledge Management

  • Ability to capture, develop, share and effectively use information and knowledge



  • Master degree in social sciences, international development, project management, public/business administration or related fields.


  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience in project development and management, event management and/or related field;   
  • Previous experience as a volunteer, volunteer management and/or promotion of volunteerism is a distinct advantage;
  • Previous experience in market analysis and marketing is an advantage.

Language Requirements;

  • Fluency in English.
  • Proficiency in another official UN language is an asset.


  • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted;
  • The successful candidate will hold a UNDP letter of appointment.

Contract Duration: 364 Days

This vacancy is archived.

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