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  • Added Date: Monday, 12 February 2018
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Elaf for Relief and Development

was founded in May of 2014. It came out of the need to help the people still living inside Syria, who were either displaced or living in their homes with no access to food, medicine, education, and other basic necessities. Elaf started out with volunteers and with the help of personal donations began helping those surviving inside Syria, struggling to make it another day. We at Elaf work in hard to reach communities and our strength lies in the fact that we elevate the lives of those we help by “teaching them to fish rather than giving them a fish”. Elaf also sponsors over 10,500 orphans by providing for their education, food, as well as non-food items. Elaf supports 2 clinics, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) such as small farms, 2 bakeries, and 15 schools. Overall, we do projects that contribute to the development of those still living inside Syria, who have no one to turn to. The direct aid Elaf provides is food, shelter, clothing, fuel, gift-in-kind, vouchers, and even cash to those in besieged areas. Elaf achieves its goals through quality driven, purposeful and diverse projects that are implemented inside Syria.

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES / SCOPE OF WORK: (Essential functions, job description, )

· Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications (First line support for all desktop and laptop users).

· Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks.

· Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults, replacing parts as required.

· Routine server maintenance and monitoring.

· Providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports.

· Following diagrams and written instructions to repair a fault or set up a system.

· Supporting the roll-out of new applications.

· Setting up new users' accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues.

· Liaise with data team in Syria to receive data report on time.

· Check the quality of received data, and communicate with data entry team and field managers to correct and clean all the data.

· Communicate with field managers, project assistants and data entry team to provide the required technical support with this regard.

· Provide the training (the method is discussed with the Program Manager).

· Decide the best method of data collection with various possible tools.

· Receive and analyze the reported data to desired information.

· Design, maintenance and manage Elaf web site.

· Prepare and submit the periodic reports of collected data to project managers, and programs manager on the timely basis.

· Submit the periodic data/information reports to donors on time.

· Determine any specific need of capacity building related to the position and inform the Program Manager.

· Working together with HR to ensure staff IT training requirements have been met

QUALIFICATIONS: (Training/education/experience/physical demands required; provide 6-8 requirements):


· A degree in Informatic Engineer, Computer Engineer or Computer Science, experience of 2-4 years is required.

· Fluency in both oral and written English and Arabic is essential. Turkish will be of high advantage.

· High communication skills.

· Team leaderships.

· Time-Management skills.

· Able to lead teams, allocate tasks, and ensure the proper managing of the activities.

· Adaptable, self-motivated, willing to learn and take on extra duties as required

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