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  • Added Date: Wednesday, 10 January 2018
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 12 January 2018

Guard (4 positions)
Reports to: Field Operations Officer
Full time; based in

Key responsibilities:
 Guard the ARC premises (office/guest house/stores) and ensure security for ARC property and personnel in the premises.
 Maintain premises register and record all incidents in and around the premises that are of security concern, recording all entries and exists of vehicles whether for ARC or for visitors.
 Identify and record every visitor seeking entry into the ARC premises/compound.
 Issue to the visitor(s) a gate pass/visitor’s pass as a sign of clearance to enter and also ensure the pass is handed back by the visitor on the visitor’s exist.
 Assist in the cleaning of the yard/compound area of the assigned premises in case the gardener is sick, on leave or absent for some reason.
 Performs any other duties assigned by the by the supervisor.
Minimum qualifications:
 Advanced school certificate of education.
 Good interpersonal skills.
 Trustworthy and reliable.
 Strong oral and written communication skills in English.
 Previous work experience particularly with security organizations/departments
 Strong knowledge of the local population and language is a MUST
 Preferably a resident of Lamwo.

This vacancy is archived.

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