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  • Added Date: Wednesday, 10 January 2018
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 12 January 2018

The American Refugee Committee (ARC) International is an International nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that provides humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries around the world. The ARC seeks to promote peaceful and safe communities where men and women have equal rights and communities can access locally owned, high-quality services. ARC is an equal opportunity employer and is currently looking for competent persons to fill the following positions based in Palabek Refugee settlement.

Clinical Psychologist (1 position)
Reports to: Protection Manager / Team Leader.
Full time; based in Palabek.

Key responsibilities:
 Plan and conduct assessment of clients' needs, abilities or behavior using a variety of methods, including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behavior.
 Develop and monitor appropriate treatment programs, including therapy, counselling or advice, in collaboration with other sectors such as protection.
 Provide therapy and treatment for difficulties relating to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction, social and interpersonal problems and challenging behavior to clients.
 The Clinical Psychologist will be responsible for reducing the distress and improve the psychological wellbeing of beneficiaries. He/she will use psychological methods and research to make positive changes to beneficiaries' lives and offer various forms of treatment.
 He/she will often work alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary teams in order to deal with his/her clients' complex problems including UNHCR, OPM, protection and community services team and other partners.
 He/ she should provide clients with relevant information on the prevention and treatment of disability and mental health and psychosocial support to promote a better quality of life and social inclusion of people with disabilities in their communities.
 Participates in development and review of the IEC materials
 Participate in the development of training materials and capacity building of community structures to enable them work and support people with Pyscho social needs
 Provides counselling services and other adequate psychotherapeutic services to clients in individual, family and group settings.
 Ensures that psychotherapy and counselling services are streamlined in all sections and departments.
 Refer clients to the respective specialists for consultation, appropriate intervention and develop a referral inventory for Psychosocial contacts.
Minimum qualifications:
 A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychiatry, clinical psychology, Community Psychology or any relevant qualification.
 A minimum of 3 years’ experience in diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral disorders with training in clinical psychology and knowledge in Trauma counseling.

 A strong understanding of the profession and the role of a clinical psychologist in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS).

 Computer knowledge and documentation skills.
 Knowledge of individual and group therapy treatment protocols.

 Strong knowledge of MHPSS related best practices and tools, including IASC Guidelines on MHPSS in emergency settings, SOPs, Caring for Survivors/Working with Survivors Training Tools, WHO Recommendations, etc.
 Prior experience working at the community level, with thorough understanding of how to communicate clearly at the community level, especially concerning GBV Critical and analytical skills.
 Ability to conduct accurate assessments.
 Good communication and interpersonal skills.
 Tolerance of stress.

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